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Visit of the UIAAC to the ISI (Institut Seni Indonesia)

20/04/2017 > International

On 23 July, the technical team of the Secretariat of State for Arts and Culture (SEAC) traveled to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for a study and seek mutual cooperation between the ISI Institute (Institut Seni Indonesia) and SEAC, Timor-Leste.
The team is composed by the Director of the National Art and Creative Cultural Industries, Mr. Carlos de Jesus Freitas, General Coordinator of the Implementation Unit of the Academy of Creative Arts and Cultural Industries (UIACC), Mr. Aleixo da Cruz, Manager of Curriculum, Marcelina da Conceição, and Manager of Administration and Finance, Ms. Maria da Costa.
The purpose of this visit is to explore possible cooperation between ISI and SEAC in the area ofArt and Culture in order to assist Timor-Leste's UIAICC in the development of the creation of the Academy of Arts and Cultural Creative Industries and the preparation of the Curriculum and other forms of technical assistance necessary and considered relevant during the implementation process or after the operation of the Academy.
During the visit to the UIAICC technical team, several meetings and exchange of experiences were held between the ISI team and SEAC team, in which the ISI team presented the brief history about the process of developing art and culture through the promotion to the national and international public, among others has emphasized the following:
In early time of the beginning of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia a promotion of the art and culture was organized to Europe and the Republic of China by the first president Soekarno and from such promotion the national and uinternational interest was awakened. From then on it has begun the process of establishing educational institutions in relation to art and culture, successively achieved in the establishment of the Academy of Fine Arts 'ASRI' (Academia Seni Rupa Indonesia), Academy of Music (AMI) and Academy of Dance Art (ASTI) which after a few decades finally the all merged, forming the present Institute called ISI (Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta).

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