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Visit and Supervision of the Progress of Fort Construction of Baguia

20/04/2017 > International

The technical team of SEAC-DNPC, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture, National Directorate of Cultural Heritage, went to Baucau Municipality, Baguia Administrative Post to monitor the process of building the Fort of Baguia, on November 11.
Fort of Baguia is of Portuguese origin, dated of 1912, located in the place called Lakagua and in 1918, was transferred to Baguia Villa. The construction of the Fort was order by Lieutenant Armando Pinto Correia (former Administrator of the Baucau Municipality) which at the time it became as the residence of the Administrator, of the Administrative Post and as the Prison. Inside the Fort a prision was also built to punish those who were against "Malae Mutin", and inside the prison there are two parts, the front part to punish people who committed the less serious violations and the back to punish those who committed more serious violations for life sentence. The design of the construction of the fort is made by the Portuguese architect, with his square model, the ceiling with the brick, and the walls with stones.
The Ministry of Tourism of Art Culture, State Secretariata of Arts and Culture, through the National Directorate of Cultural Heritage, rehabilitated the fort and so far the work has already reached 81% of rehabilitation progress. Even the rehabilitation of the fort still maintains the originality of the portuguese times.

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