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Participation in the event "Tara Bandu and Nahe Biti Boót"

02/08/2013 > National | Society | Events
Serimonia Tara Bandu no Nahe Biti Bot

On 7 July 2013, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture, Mrs. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes with the team including Chief of Staff, Luis Nuno Fernades Alves, Finance Assistant, Ligia Neves and the focal point for impress, Sonia Moura, were located to Sub-District Atabae, District Bobonaro to participate in the ceremony “Nahe Biti Bot” with the objective the unity of the two families “Umane and Fetosan” and the cultural event Tara Bando.

In the intervention, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture was referring some strategies for the protection, promotion to defend the cultural heritage, in the V Constitutional Governance. Also, SEAC presented the various cultural importance and the tasks for the culture about the construction of our identity. SEAC informed to the community about some priority programs for the Secretary State for Arts and Culture to protect and enforce the Timorese culture through creating the Academy of Arts and other Cultural Creative Industries, construction of the Cultural Center, supporting sacred houses and providing scholarship for the youth in Timor-Leste to study oversea.

In the last words, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture, Mrs. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes, informed to all youths in order to continue their service and learn how to contribute to the development for this country.

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