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Participation in Formation “Tane ita nia Kultura”

02/08/2013 > National | Society | Events

On April 5th and 6th the State Secretary, Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes and her team formed by the Cabinet Chief, mr. Luis Fernandes Alves and the media´s responsible Sónia Moura, to Lore Suku, Lauten District to see and analyse the Touristic potentialities that the region can offer and partitipate in the workshop “Tane ita nia kultura”, open the Lospalos Cultural Festival, both organized by ONG “Many Hands” with the support of SEAC.

On the first day of the festival the State Secretary focalised the importance of the culture in the formation of our society and the avail of it preservation to the future generation. She also appeal the generosity of the young people to be proud of the heritage left by their ancestors.

The State Secretary thanked the invitation of the local community and congratulated the organization commitee for realization of the festival. Farther more she pointed out the event as very relevant to the promotion and valuation of our culture.

In the workshop were present the president of “Luta Hamutuk” organization, mr. Mericio Akara and the plastic artist mrs. Maria Madeira.

On April 6th 2013, participated in the opening Cultural Festival in Lospalos, of the State Secretary for Arts and Culture, Mrs. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes appreciated to the local community for inviting and organizing the Cultural Festival and consider this event is very important to valorize and promote the culture.

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