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The dreams of poets, Abé Barreto

National Launch of the DOCTV II and FICTV I Contest

20/04/2017 > International

On August 3rd, 2015, Secretary of State Art and Culture in cooperation with Timor-Leste Radio and Television (RTTL) launch the Contest DOCTV II, FICTV I and Our Language at the Dili Convention Center.
At the launch of the contest were present the Minister of Tourism Art Culture, Secretary of State Tourism Art and Culture, President of RTTL, representatives of the Technical Unit of the CPLP Audiovisual, Chief Support Office of CPLP Rotating Presidency, Producers, Podcasters, Filmmakers, playwright, cinematographer , Author, fotografer, Writer, reader and the staff of MTAC, SETAC and RTTL.
The ceremony of the Contest DOCTV II, FICTV I, and Our Language, the intervention was made by RTTL President Dr. Milena Abrantes, who spoke about the Audiovisual program of the CPLP. And in the intervention of SEAC spoke about "the procedures of the contests, and informed the producers and directors that the budget support for this contest came from Brazil and Portugal to SEAC and RTTL in cooperation, and also informed that this is not the first time contest, but this is the second time, the first documentary contest DOCTV I, won by Mr.Vitor Sousa with the entitled Documentary UMA LULIK in 2008.
At the end, SEAC called on the producers and organizers to participate in this contest to be able to promote the name of East Timor in the Audiovisual World of CPLP.
After the intervention of SEAC and President RTTL, the Minister of Tourism Art Culture, officially opens the Contest DOCTV II, FICTV I and Our Language with the symbol of beating the drum accompanied by Dr. Marisa Mendonça representative of CPLP Audiovisual, by SEAC, Dr. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes, by State Secretary for Communication, Mr.Nelio Isac, President and RTTL Dr. Milena Soares Abrantes and Head of the Office of the Support to the Rotating Presidency-CPLP, Dr. Marina Ribeiro Alcatiri.
The objectives of the contests, the stimulation of cultural exchange, the implementation of integrated public policies to promote the production and broadcasting of audiovisual content through the formation of the CPLP Audiovisual Network, which brings together national authorities in the fields of culture, audiovisual and public television broadcasters in the countries of CPLP and dissemination of the Portuguese language, strengthening the bond of friendship between the member countries of the CPLP and encouraging and promoting the creativity of young filmmakers within the CPLP community in the audiovisual world.
And to give the opportunity for Timorese youngsters, producers and directors to develop their artistic capacity in the Audiovisual world and also to show the artistic capacity and to promote art and culture of Timor-Leste in the Audivisual World CPLP.
And at the end of the session of clarification and doubts, it shows that all young Timorese producers, organisers, filmmaker, playwright, author, photographer, writers and readers are interested in participating in these contests.

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