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Inauguration Uma Lulik “Assu Ulun Laumera”

02/08/2013 > National | Society | Events
Inaugurasaun Uma Lulik “ Assu Ulun Laumera ”

Secretary of State for Arts and Culture, Mrs. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes with the group in the 3rd October 2013 were located to Fatumaquerek, Sub-District Laklubar, District Manatuto to take part in the Inauguration Ceremony Sacred House “ Assu Ulun Laumeta”.

In this occasion, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture in the speech was presented that V Constitutional Government through the Secretary of State for Arts and Culture praised the will of the community to solve the living tradition through the construction of the sacred houses in order to preserve and strengthen our tradition as the identity and develop the national unity. Also, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture say that the function is to control all of the people, do not look at the rich and the poor or not only for the community live in the main street and ease to access with the cars.

In this good initiative, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture was expressed congratulations for the community, for the unity and efforts to work together in order to implement this event. All effort and the unity that full of love in the Sacred House Assu Ulun can extend to other communities to create condition and provide space as the important contribution for the government, Civil Society and all of the community together to be better develop on this land of Timor.

Finally, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture was informed that our main Law, all of the people have right to be fulfill, defend, promote, develop, protect, and valorize our cultural heritage (article 59). Therefore, we have to continue follow our norms and valorize all traditions with good quality and adequacy for our daily life as a big manifestation to valorize our heroes with their brave of their blood that already offered to salvage our land Republic Democratic of Timor-Leste.

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