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Inauguration of Statue São José Operário

20/04/2017 > International

Interim Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture, Dr. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes, was in the school of Balide on Monday 16/01/2016, to inaugurate the Statue San José Operário, an initiative by the Finalist Students of the Year 2016.
The purpose of building the statue was as a symbol of friendship relationship and as souvenirs between the students at the same time as a gesture of thankgiving to the school for having educated them during the course of study.
In her speech SEAC (Minister of Tourism, Art Culture), Dr. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes said, "we all know that Saint Joseph is the adopted father of Jesus, and the Obeying Saint, and he is like a worker, formerly a Carpenter. That is why I feel that this school gives the initiative to us through the finalist students of the year 2016, we held and left for us on behalf of the Government, Diocese Dili and Parish Balide for the contribution they have given to our land to build this school to educate the young, as Jose is an example as he works, studies, and behaves. "
This inauguration was attended by the parish priest of Balide, Father Vigario de Balide, Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture, General Director of SEAC, representatives of Sscurity, teachers of São Paulo Foundation, Parents of Students, and guests.

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