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Inauguration of new building of SEAC

30/01/2014 > National
Inaugurasaun Edifísiu foun

On January 27-2104, the secretary of state for art and culture inaugurated the new building of secretary of state for art and culture at Portugal, ex. Embassy of Japan.

The ceremony of inauguration begins with cutting the ribbons by the secretary of art and culture, ms.Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes accompanied by General Director, National Director from Ministry of tourism. After cutting the ribbon from secretary of state for art and culture, new building have benediction by father, Domingos Alves.

Attended the ceremony of the Eucharist for inauguration of the new building, the same personalities above mentioned.

At the ceremony of inaugurations the priest congratulates the Secretary of State for art and culture and all staff from secretary state for art and culture because now they have a new building. Father Domingos encourages all staffs of secretary of state for art and culture to work with peace and efficiency to develop our culture so that it becomes the proud of our identity.

After finish the ceremony of Eucharist, the organization committee invited all participant to have a dinner previously prepared.

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