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The dreams of poets, Abé Barreto

Formation "Sanan Rai" in Dair, Likisa District

02/08/2013 > National | Society | Events

On the May 27th the State Secretary for Arts and Culture, Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes, and her committee were present at Dair, Gugler suku, Maubara, Likisa District, for the opening of formation project “Sanan Rai”.

The project is a join effort of both SEAC and UNESCO. To help the Dair community, from Manatutu came teachers and experts in pottery.

In the beginning the State Secretary pointed out a brief history of the excavation in Dair, initiated at 2009. She said those excavations are of great importance to increase the tourism and culture potentialities and eventually bring national and foreign visitors to this place.

The State Secretary addressed to the community, in special to the young people to have profits of the “Sanan Rai” formation, for they are the future of the Nation. Try to keep alive this rich heritage, develop it, love it, so that the future generation can enjoy it and be proud of it.

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