it is time of silence / in the silence of time / to the time of life / of those who lost their lives
A minute of silence, Borja da Costa

Recovering the Old Municipal Market in Baucau

Aiming at decentralising the access to culture and at the same time recovering quality architectonic heritage, the State Secretariat of Culture is planning to adapt the old Municipal Market of Baucau as a Regional Cultural Centre. The old Municipal Market, in the centre of the Baucau village, was built in 1933 by the administrator Armando Pinto Correia and currently is in advanced state of degradation.

This project, the first amongst many intended at recovering heritage from the Portuguese period and its adaptation to Cultural Centres, aims at recovering the building and transforming the covered areas in rooms where a small library, access to Internet and exhibitions will take place. In the central area, currently discovered, a mobile structure for cultural shows, conferences and exhibitions will be created. It is also expected to recover the garden next to the building for fairs and open-air activities.

Timor-Leste Government

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