Culture is the memory of a people that does not die!
Maubere Manifest, Fernando Sylvan

In this section you can download a series of papers, book chapters, books, thesis and other materials available as pdf files. All materials are presented in the language (or languages) they were made available by the respective authors.

AID as Gift: an initial approach > EN
Kelly C. Silva | 2008 | Mana | Paper
Antropologia e colonialismo em Timor português > PT
Maria J. Schouten | 2001 | Lusotopie | Paper
Are Hybrid Political Orders an Appropriate Concept for State Formation? Timor-Leste Revisited. > EN
Bjoern Hofmann | 2009 | Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management | Paper
As Casas e o mundo: identidade local e Nação no património material/imaterial de Timor-Leste > PT
Lúcio M. G. Sousa | 2008 | AGIR - Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento Sócio-cultural | Paper
Austronesians in linguistic disguise: Fataluku cultural fusion in East Timor > EN
Andrew McWilliam | 2007 | Journal of Southeast Asian Studies | Paper
Blood, violence, and gender alignment: cockfighting and kickfighting in East Timor > EN
David Hicks | 2007 | Cambridge Anthropology | Paper
Choosing Languages for Teaching in Primary School Classrooms > EN
Marie Quinn | 2008 | Rebuilding Education & Health in a Post-Conflict Transitional Nation: Case Studies from Timor-Leste | Book chapter
Community and nation-state in East Timor. A view from the periphery > EN
David Hicks | 2007 | Anthropology Today | Paper
Conflict and Development: Challenges in Responding to Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs in Timor-Leste > EN
Kayli Wayte et al. | 2008 | Reproductive Health Matters | Paper
Continuity in Tropical Cave Use: Examples from East Timor and the Aru Islands, Maluku > EN
M. Spriggs, P. Veth, S. O'Connor | 2005 | Asian Perspectives | Paper
Cuban Health Cooperation in Timor Leste and the South West Pacific > EN
Tim Anderson | 2010 | The Reality of Aid - IBON Books | Book chapter
Development in the Shadows: How the World Bank and the Frente Clandestina Almost Built a New Government in Timor-Leste > EN
Matthew A. Totilo | 2009 | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Thesis
Development of Tourism Policy and Strategic Planning in East Timor > EN
A. Chatenay, B. Prideaux, R. W. Carter, V. Ximenes | 2001 | School of Natural and Rural Systems Management, University of Queensland | Paper
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